Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is simply marketing you’re your customers on their mobile devices.  There are a few different ways to use mobile marketing as part of your overall internet marketing plan.

 Let’s start by determining if mobile marketing is the right fit for your business. 

If you customers are under the age of 25 this is probably a no brainer.

If your business is not as obvious, you need to take steps to determine if your customers would like to be contacted on their cell phones.  The best way to know how your current customers feel you should – Ask Them.  There are a variety of ways to ask, but asking if they want to be marketed to on their smartphone, may not get the response you were hoping for.

Instead put out a survey about what kind of phones your customers use and of course have a place for “I don’t use a cell phone.”  There’s one in every bunch.  To ensure you capture your customer’s attention, you may want to offer an incentive.

If you are trying earn new customers in a different market than your current customers, you will want to research what and how that demographic uses their smartphones.

Don’t assume you know.  Ask.

As you know if you have been shopping for a new phone lately, they come in all different shapes and sizes.  Technology is changing daily.  You want to make sure that your content displays well on all smartphones.   Different phones use different operating systems, essentially the software that runs the phone, so your content doesn’t exactly the same across all devices. 

Even if you only wanting to optimize your content and not market directly to your customers on their phone, you still must check your content across multiple phones and operating systems. 

To learn more about Mobile Marketing click here to download your free copy of "Why Mobile Marketing" 

My Recommendation

I personally use Solo Build It! to build my website because they make optimizing for mobile so easy.  They take your existing web pages and you can choose from several phone styles to develop the mobile content.  They also give you a link that is known as your sandbox, that you can use to test your content on any device you choose.  If you would like to know more about Solo Build It! click here.

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