Email Marketing Psychology

Before we start talking about the psychology of email marketing I want to make sure you understand how beneficial email marketing can be. Email marketing offers an excellent ROI (Return on Investment) when done correctly, and is a powerful way to stay in touch with your customers, or soon to be customers.

There are 2 big reasons email marketing continues to be so powerful is:

  1. Smartphones – Everybody who owns a smartphone (and who doesn't these days) has access to their email all the time.
  2. Easy to share – Most people are more willing to give you an email address than they are to give you their phone number. And with double opt-ins you truly have an audience that has said they want to hear from you.

Don't be insincere, your customers will know and they will either unsubscribe from your mailings, or worse, just stop opening emails coming from you.

If your customers get into the habit of not opening your emails they have created a habit of ignoring you and your business.

Ideally you want your customers to remember why they signed up on your mailing list and to have them enjoy the content your deliver enough to take the desired action.

There are 3 simple steps to get your customers to open your email:

  1. You need an eye catching – makes your customer want to know more – headline.
  2. Who is sending the email matches the name of the business that they signed up with. Also include at the top a reminder that they are receiving this email because they signed up for it and agreed to let you the business owner contact them the customer, or would be customer.
  3. Perfect timing and spacing between every email you send.

Okay these don't really sound that simple, but they can be easily learned and mastered, it just takes practice.

Subject lines are learned by practice and from a qualified copywriter. I honestly have taken some copywriting courses and I still consider my subject lines a work in progress. If you are on my email list you can let me know how I'm doing, if you aren't on my list why not? I don't think my headlines stink, but I don't think I've reached the competency level to teach them to you, when there are so many others that have made a study of just writing headlines.

Now the step that will be the hardest to master is the timing and spacing. If you do a google or Bing search on the topic, you will find specific formulas, and many theories as to the 'best' way.

But, the truth is, every business will have its own sweet spot. I recommend, especially if you have an SBI! Site, that you start an e-zine and plan to send it out once a month in the beginning. Monthly is the longest period of time you want to go between contacts.

Honestly, you will want to grow into a weekly newsletter, or some kind of contact every week, to continue to be the expert your customers are seeking.

As you start contacting your subscribers (yes once they sign up on your email list, they are subscribers) pay attention to their habits.

  • Are you getting any responses? 
  • If yes to what subject matter or headline 
  • If you include links, are your subscribers clicking on your links? 
  • If yes, which ones?
  • If you send out an email about a timely event do you get a better, worse or same open rate, response rate?
  • Did you include a call to action? 
  • If yes did your subscriber make the requested action?

These are all ways of measuring your customer response and based on the feedback you receive, you will make adjustments.

I know all this tracking sounds complex, but really a lot of it is done automatically by your autoresponder system. But it won't do you any good unless you know what you are looking for and how to make adjustments based on the data.

Email is a lot like real life, if you met someone new today and they started calling or texting you ten minutes later, you may not want to ever really get to know that person better. The same is true in email, unless you have a very topical business, you don't want to start flooding your customers inbox with emails right away, or really ever.

On the flip side, if you meet a new person today and the next time you call them, 10 months have passed, they may not even remember you (and who can blame them?). If you get a customer's email address and send out your newsletter once a year, you aren't going to develop any lasting relationships.

So just like Goldilocks, you need to find out what is best for your customer/subscribers.

Develop a natural relationship and you will create a bonding experience that will get your subscriber wanting to be your customer.

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