10 Steps to Creating Your Brand Checklist

Your brand is the image that people observe, develop, and relate to. As an existing small business you have already established your brand, so it is very important that your online brand is consistent with that existing brand.

#1 Your online branding decisions must remain true to your business goals and mission statement, this ensures you provide a consistent and comprehensive brand to your customers.

#2 The colors of your website or blog are consistent with your business colors or business cards. You want your customers to easily recognize you even online.

#3 Your domain name is the same as your business name or a short easy to remember name that is directly related to your business. Make sure it is easy to spell.

#4 You have identified your ideal customer to direct your online marketing efforts toward.

#5 Know what differentiates you from my competition, and how that benefits your customers.

#6 You have a logo that matches your offline logo – so that your customers easily recognize your business. The logo uses your brand colors and is consistent with your mission statement.

#7 Your brand includes your purpose that highlights the benefits your provide to your customers.

#8 You are your brand personality – or you can create a relatable personality that will create a stronger connection with your customers.

#9 Your brand should include a promise that provokes positive emotions for your customers.

#10 You determine how your brand will be integrated into your online marketing plan.

Your brand is who you are, what you represent, and what makes you and your business unique and different from your competition. Spend time creating your business brand and working through this checklist to ensure a comprehensive and clear brand – a brand your prospects won’t be able to resist.


Download Your Branding Checklist

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