Is Facebook Marketing Right for Your Business?

Facebook can be a good place to engage with your customers, but it is not usually the best place to monetize them.

Facebook Takes Time

First let me say, don’t start your Facebook page until you are ready to be committed to making regular postings. 

Let me tell you, I should take my own advice, I get distracted working with a new client and then realize I haven’t posted to my own page for over 2 weeks – this is not the proper way to build a loyal fan base.

I do better when I use a scheduling tool.  Facebook allows you to schedule your posts to appear on any date and time you set.  You can also use a paid product like Hootsuite, that allows you to post and monitor multiple social media accounts.  A word of caution about scheduling your posts, you still need to be available at the time of the post to respond to any interaction you get from your customers.

As a small business owner you have the luxury of having existing customers that you can direct to your fan page to get them to Like the page and they will be interested in what you are posting about.

I was recently asked to like a page and was impressed to see a small online business with over 2,000 Likes, so I scrolled through their posts to see what was they were talking about, but I quickly noticed that there were no comments, and most of the posts had 1 Like...and it was from the same person.  This is an example of someone likely purchasing Likes somewhere just to try to boost their page ranking.  I didn’t Like their page and I don’t like the way the conduct their business.  I will never suggest you but any Likes, I will strongly suggest you do not.

Remember, Facebook owns the real estate your Facebook page lives on, and they can take your page away at any time if they feel you have violated the rules.  So don’t be fake, be true to your business and your customers will do the same.

If you do have a personal page you already have an understanding of what you see when you log on and how to interact on the platform. 

If you don’t have a Facebook profile for yourself, I strongly recommend that you start a personal page, before you decide if a business page is the right fit.

How will having a business page on Facebook help your business?

You want to know what you are hoping to gain, to know if your marketing strategy is working.

Here are some ideas of how you can use Facebook for your business:

  • Facebook can drive traffic to your website of blog.  Your posts can about pages that you have written on your site and tease your target audience into clicking the link to go to your site.
  • Get customers to come to your physical business location.  You can offer private deals for your Facebook audience only.  
  • Provide helpful tips.  This is similar to the first suggestion, but these are shorter in nature and won't have your visitor leave your Facebook page.

Facebook advertising has limitations in my opinion, but if you would like to know more, please click here.

My team and I would be glad to help you determine if Facebook marketing is a good fit for your business.  Click here to schedule your Online Marketing Review at No Charge.

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