Advertising On Facebook…

Has its Limitations (in my opinion) 

Ads on Facebook are interruption ads, so it is harder to get your customer’s attention. 

Google Adwords is a better place to advertise in many cases, since your ad will appear based on what a person is searching for.  But Facebook ads appear in the 3rd column based on the criteria the advertiser wants.  Hopefully you can see that you are more likely to get someone to click on your ad when it answers a need they were seeking to fill rather than you trying to yell loud enough for them to hear you, when they aren’t really listening.

Another disadvantage to Facebook advertising is that your ad takes them to your Facebook page, which then has to convince them to go to your website or to your business.  Essentially you are having to make 2 sales before you even get to the “real” sale.

But, I will admit, to there being some instances where it can be beneficial for local marketing on a limited basis.

How to Create an Effective Facebook Ad

There are two things that are critical when creating your Facebook ad:

1)   Make sure you are targeting your ideal customers

2)   Include an appropriate attention grabbing picture

Your headline and picture are going to be the most compelling things about your ad, so make sure that you choose wisely.  The text is less important because, image is your real attention grabber.

Your image should jump out and stand out. I’d recommend narrowing down your choices to 3 separate images, then let it sit for a few hours, after that, see if one really stands out, or at least be able to eliminate 1 of the 3 and then try again.

If you really can’t decide between 2 images, try them both and see which one gets a better response from your target customers.

Targeting the right customers is crucial.  Start out by targeting very, very specific groups of people.

You’ll get less traffic initially, but this allows you to make sure that your ad is actually appealing to your customers.  Once you know that your ad is working, you can expand your audience if that is right for your business.

What’s a Successful Ad Campaign?

In Google Adwords, you could expect to get 10% CTR (click through rate) on a really good ad.  But that is not the case with Facebook Ads.

Google Adwords is permission marketing, people are entering words for a search and the relevant ads show up on the page. 

Facebook Ads are interruption marketing where you’re popping out on the side of the page saying “by the way, are you interested in my business?”

A good CTR on Facebook ads is 0.1%. You can usually expect to pay anywhere between $0.30 to $0.70 cents per click for you ad.

After a period of time, if you have a successful campaign, you’ll notice your CTR go down. This is because your ad is being shown to the same people over and over again.

Most businesses find that if they change up the ads and pictures, the CTR will go back up.  After a period of time, you may want to pause your ad for a couple of weeks, then try again with a fresh headline or picture to see if your CTR will go back up.  If your CTR does not improve, you may want to pause your ad for a few months and then re-try your ad again. 

If your business is in a small geographic area, you may find that after your initial success with Facebook Ads that you will not be able to repeat your success, just due to the limited number of targeted customers.

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